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                      2019 ~ 2020 Ideal Whale Itinerary 

What will I see? Where will we go? What does Mag Bay offer?

To kindly answer all your questions and get off the right foot,
we'd like to share our whale watching tour itinerary
experience with you . We're sure you'll love it !

                             Arriving to Mag bay

Meet Up! Once you arrive beautiful Magdalena Bay  stop in our family business the day before your booking & say hi we'll get you all the information on your upcoming Whale Watching Eco Tour Adventure + sort out any questions you may have! we have tons of great recommendations on the best cuisine, artisan shop & places to stay.
You'll get tips on finding the town's hidden gems.We love our small community here and we're sure you will to!
Our Guides are all trained fisherman and are of this land, they know it intimately. We'll access weather and agree on the best time to meet in the morning. We will pick you up at your hotel in the morning bright and early to get started!
                    Your Adventure Begins!
Make sure you get some morning coffee and breakfast before the pickup and  ensure  your video and photo cameras are charge. You are going to experience some unforgettable moments you will not  want to miss remembering with a beautiful photo.

From pickup we'll take a short 10 minute drive to  Baja Californias Hidden Gem! Where your personal guide and boat happily awaits at the end of the route to the boat ,don't be surprised to see fishing eagles, pelicans and many other sea birds looking for their first catch of the day !

Mag Bay  is the second largest bay on the Pacific Coast and ranks first in it's fishing industry size. An outstanding  20 % of all sea food that Mexico as a country consumes comes from the hugely bio-diverse deep blue waters of  the Bay .

As we walk towards your  boat you'll most likely  get to see professional independent fisherman. They are artist of their craft, known in fables for their knowledge of the seas and nature, reaping its bounty but also being mindful to persevere her and  keep the balance. If you catch a sight of them it will be them coming back to town with their overnight shrimp, jumbo squid or crab catch!

            What will you find being on the water?
On our way to one of the best spots where whales gather , it's 
very common to observe live the art of fishermen. There are few places left in Baja California Mexico where you can gain this intimate and understanding of traditional fishing and contemporary fishing alike. We may meet and greet fisherman diving for scallops, checking their fishing nets, lobster trolling or simply watching the seas for signs of the best places to drop nets. There is simple beauty to their work.

Next we will head to Isla De Patos, an environmental bird sanctuary. Isla De Patos is a small uninhabited sand island located in the middle of  Bay. If you choose we can stop in on the island and experience first hand what it is like to be amidst thousands of sea birds  representing many species, at the same time ! It is their sanctuary from long flights across the bay searching for food and they populate the entire island. Their sound is deafening! You are welcome to take great photos and stroll the island . 
                       ISLA DE PATOS 

We will then head out to spot for our first group of whales.It wont be long before one of us spots a 10-ft high whale-blow and yells out "Whale!" Every time is a special moment for us. You will only know why once you experience it yourself. We will then meet the friendly 35-45 ft & 40-50 ton gray whales!!


They will hear and notice our  boat, As we spend time with the whale our first goal is to let our long time friend know that we come in peace and the only reason we are there is to admire her presence. Grey whales are sensitive beautiful creatures. After some time you will notice if the whale is curious by our presence or if she will continue her path and fluke her tail, a quick sign that she is going to dive deep and move away from our area.


In the water all things are possible! We have experienced schools of dolphins envelop our boats 600-800 dolphins strong. We have experienced sea lions swim next to us! We will continue to explore all areas where whales play and exhibit different behavior patterns. Our guides are very knowledgeable about the grey whales and spend time amongst them studying and learning their behavior. We go out on the water nearly every day ...

Once we find a friendly whale that wants to get up close & personal, we will start communicating by calling out a name, whistling, singing, waving gently or maybe playing your favorite instrument. The grey whales are made curious by so many different things!


With a positive attitude, lots of faith and our 36 years of skills, knowledge and most importantly OUR PASSION for this work, we have documented a 85% chance of our clients being able to touch & kiss the majestic gray whales of  Baja California, Mexico.

                  Welcome To  Isla  Magdalena

After multiple sightings of your whale watching tour we will navigate North to explore & have lunch on the beautiful desert island,  On Isla lies a small fishing village (pop. 80). We will stop in at best local seafood shack, Don Chego y Doña Cristina's Restaurante Mira Mar where you will find all the fresh seafood you can eat. Fresh Baja California mariscos only yards away from a sandy shore beach and desert mountains behind you providing a magnificent view of  the Bay.

Restaurante Mira Mar is richly decorated with innumerable historic relics, old cannon balls from U.S. battle ships before World War I & II, beautiful carved stones from the early 1800's as well as giant whale skulls. You will also find grey whale bones and the jaw of a 90-foot(!) blue whale that the pacific currents once brought to this shore.

The Island is an incredible place to learn and soak up Baja culture, explore, and take amazing photos.

 As we continue our way home , we are going to pass by the Great Sand Dunes. Here you will find a dune system which extends to the coastline and also protects an estuary of mangrove forests. It's up to you if you'd like to stop here. The Great Sand Dunes offer beautiful hiking, gorgeous sea shells and a never ending supply of spectacular photos. Or you just might like to stroll along the beach and find your self in your own thoughts. There's time for everything.

                           HEADING  HOME 

From this point it will take us approximately 20 minutes to get back to our  starting point. One of our staff will pick you and your party up and give you a lift to your hotel. Its been a beautiful day. We hope you continue to enjoy all the great thoughts you brought back from your Whale Watching Eco-Tour Adventure!


Thanks for joining us on the adventure!


                    Your Adventure, Our Passion!

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