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             Magdalena Whale Camp Itinerary:

Proposal  Itinerary and Activities:

Travel to Magdalena Bay and visit our family home and office to say hello. We will be there to provide all of the details for your excursion and answer any questions you may have, as well as address any of your concerns.

These websites provide more information on how to get to Magdalena Bay and how to find our office:

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Go to : 

The usual departure time is approximately 3:00 pm, to allow for a leisurely ride across Magdalena Bay to our Comfortable Eco-camp.

If you would rather arrive in Magdalena Bay in the later afternoon or evening, we will escort you to the comfortable and peaceful Hotel Villas Isabela for a restful night before an early morning departure to Isla Magdalena the next day.

Hotel Villas Isabela features off street parking, clean, comfortable rooms with air conditioning, free Wi-Fi connection and a pleasant, shady courtyard. It is located about a block from the busy fishing beaches of San Carlos.

While in San Carlos, we can assist you in finding the very best restaurants for excellent local cooking of seafood, traditional Mexican meals, street tacos and more, as well as help you gather any necessary last minute supplies for your trip.

Day 1 , 2 or more :

Your Isla Magdalena, Magdalena Bay whale watching Eco-tour adventure begins!

36 plus years of skilled, safe boating experience in Magdalena Bay stands behind our taxi boat service to the island. On board the boat, we provide cold soft 

drinks, bottled water and snacks. Along the way to our secluded, Comfort Eco-camp on Isla Magdalena, we share our local expertise on the features of the bay, the history of the region and the ecological significance of our area.

We will work with you to customize travel time to the island, as well as create a schedule that appeals most to you, depending on your interests. We provide appetizers, lunch and dinner while you are at camp. Among the possible activities for our first day of adventuring:

-Fishing from shore
-Kayaking from camp out into the bay to explore 
-Hiking and exploring the island
-A trip to the mangroves and estuary north of camp 
-A stop at a marine bird sanctuary on our way to camp
-Swimming or beach combing at the magnificent sand dunes 
-Walk on the trail across the island to spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, with a visit to the fishing village of Puerto Magdalena along the way
-Observe the art of fishermen diving for lobsters, scallops, clams or checking their fishing nets or trolling for jumbo shrimp . 

For more detailed information on your comfortable campsite on Isla Magdalena, click on the link:

Day 2 & 3 (or more, by arrangement. It is up to you!): 

The story of your unique adventure continues. We create a personalized schedule of whale watching time and will provide your own private whale watching and eco-tour adventure session of up to 7 hours per day.

Your party will be the only one on board our boat. You have total control of your whale watching itinerary and how you spend your time. No matter what your preferences are, we will work with you to meet your desires. If you want to spend all 6 hours with the whales, consider it done! If you would like to mix activities on Isla Magdalena with whale watching, we will gladly schedule that as well. 

Our intention is to provide you with a once in a lifetime opportunity to customize your very own whale watching, island and camping adventure.

In addition to boat transportation, fishing equipment, kayaks, trail guides, etc., each day you spend with us we provide appetizers, breakfast, lunch, dinner and non-alcoholic beverages. We also provide an excellent selection of beer and wine at very reasonable prices, with a focus on Baja California vintages.

In the evenings, after memorable days of meeting and observing our famous grey whales and exploring our one of a kind marine bay, estuary and island system, relax by the fire, watch the sunset and savor the complete escape that our Isla Magdalena camp provides.

Day 4:

We provide a pleasant boat ride back to port after fresh coffee & warm breakfast burritos to go and a beautiful sunrise on Isla Magdalena. A typical departure time from Isla Magdalena is scheduled so that you arrive back in port at about 6:45 am, in order to give you plenty of time to embark on the next phase of your Baja California adventure. However, we can arrange any departure time you would prefer.

Remember that we are committed to creating your schedule with maximum flexibility. You design your adventure, you schedule your activities, you are in control of your time and schedule.

Once you return to port, we can provide lots of inside, local information on what to do in the area, where to go next to continue your vacation, or excellent ways to spend the rest of your time in beautiful Baja.

We know you will depart from our island sanctuary recharged, inspired and with memories that will last a lifetime.


Once you confirm your arrival date and length of stay, we'll send an email including our secure deposit form. This will guarantee your reservations.

Note: We are grateful for your business and we understand the importance of your vacation planning. So, please, any questions or concerns let us know. 

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