Magdalena Bay  Whale Watching

            Life List Must!"

Driving tips..

Save time & money by exchanging at a local bank.
You must fill up at a "Pemex" gas station in Cabo ,LaPaz  or
Respect the speed limit -there is cattle day & night.Most important drive safe."We are not going anywhere"



          Baja California Sur, Mexico
               International Airport's

Name:  Manuel Marquez De Leon International Airport.

City Serve : La Paz     Web Site:


Name:    Loreto International Airport.
City Serve:  Loreto        Web Site :
Name : Los Cabos International Airport.
City Serve :  Cabo San Lucas      Web Site :
Car Rental Companies . . .
that operated in Baja California Sur
premier tourism destination...

Web Site :

                     To Magdalena Bay ... 
            From  Cabo , La Paz or Loreto.
From: Cabo to Mag Bay...
GO North-bound  on
Hwy Mexico 19, you will pass city Todos santo , La paz & on 
Ciudad Contitucion 
you must turn left to
Hwy 22 to Puerto San Carlos  (MagBay).
Estimated 5:00 HR drive.
From: loreto to Mag Bay...
GO South-bound on Hwy 1, to Ciudad Insurgentes, Turn Left to Hwy 1 South -bound to Ciudad Counstitucion ,Turn right on Hwy 22 to Puerto San carlos (Mag Bay).EStimate 2 hour drive...
From: La Paz to Mag Bay...
GO North-bound on
Hwy 1, To Ciudad Constituciion, on Hwy 22 must turn left to Puerto San Carlos 
Estimated 2 1/2 hr drive.
"Welcome" Mag Bay  (agency)
Once you enter Puerto San Calos (MagBay) On Hwy 22 go left on the 1st intersection
(Malecon)  you will pass PEMEX GAS STATION,
HOSPITAL  & Restaurant LA PASADITA , 4 houses down  you will  see a 8X8 sign with our logo Magdalena Bay Whales, a old red rustic building ,with whale bones decorating our front yard. Normally our boats are out there.