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                    WHO WE ARE
Magdalena Bay Whales !"
Locally family owned and operated,  
"Proudly creating life-long memories"
for more than 23.000 people in the past 40 plus years .
You will have the privilege to embark on a interactive adventure through the majestic ever glade waters of Bahia Magdalena, with father Crispin M.(Whale king)  or one of  his 3 sons, that with'' Grand Passion ''  follow in his footsteps.  
                         The Whale King  
Since 1976, Magdalena Bay (Mag Bay) Baja Mexico, Blessed us the opportunity to commercial fish & guide whale watching tours. We are  intimately familiar and have learn to care for and respect our long time friends " The Majestic Gray Whales " and deep blue waters of Baja California's best kept secret Magdalena Bay .from Puerto San Carlos to Puerto Adolfo Lopez Mateos, South to Isla Magdalena,  Alcatraz & beyond . 

                                        Thanks  Capitan  . . .
                                          Crispin M.  Whale King !
Capt:  Crispin M
    ( Whale King )
Capt. C Marco Antonio
           ( Gordo )
Bookkeeper: Mother
       Maria E.

Capt: Cristepher Mateo
           ( Toto )

Capt:  Juan Ramirez
          ( Manotaz )

Capt : Miguel Ramirez
             ( Motiz )

                               THREE REASONS WHY 
 1: We will personally  make contact through email or a phone call & give you all the info, facts & tips that you must know about your whale watching tour & Mag Bay .

 2: It will be a privilege for my dad (Whale king), my self or one of our licensed & certified guides to share our passion and knowledge about the majestic grey whales & world class Magdalena Bay.You will have a great experience, allowing us to be your personal local experience guide.
 3: And last but not least,we will not charge you a dime (peso) until you  "SEE" a whale at a minimum of 30-35 meters from our boat...
                    King & Baby Whale     Meeting for the first time .
                 Whale Watching  a  Life - List Must!
                                            ABOUT OUR BOATS 
Original made for commercial fishing , able to hold up to 2,500 lbs, she provide a smooth ride.On hand we carry a Spot Satellite Tracker, Marine VHS Radio, life jackets and First Aid kit. And after so many years providing countless magnificent whale watching & Eco tour memories we were able to get her customize to your comfortable needs.
It's equipped with factory made back support wide comfortable Extremely clean cushions seats. Clean ice chest with plenty of seal bottle -waters, sodas, Coronas (beer) if you prefer,  and lots of snacks .We limit the number of passengers we carry, in an earnest attempt to make each tour satisfying and comfortable.
The good news is that its all included in the cost .
    Create ever lasting memories, Contact us for a free proposal "